Helpful Tips For Posting an Ad for an Available Item(s):

1. Consider posting pictures of the item you have to sell, donate or exchange. You can place up to 4 digital photos of your item with each ad. Pictures may be uploaded to your ad while you are initially submitting it or afterwards by emailing the digital photos to If emailing after your ad submission be sure to include your ad ID # in your email so that the pictures can be placed with the right ad/item.

2. Be specific in your ad. Include as much information as you can about the item you have to sell, donate or exchange. Information like make and model, specific features, age, etc. can be important to someone interested in buying or obtaining your equipment. Remember, you may know what your item looks like, what features it has and how it works but those looking at your ad on the South Carolina Assistive Technology Exchange site probably do not. When posting an ad for an Available item under "Item Name" put the specific type and name of the item/piece of equipment you have such as "Invacare Pronto Surestep M51 Power Wheelchair" as the item name instead of "electric wheelchair".

3. For individuals with multiple items to sell, donate or exchange such as a vehicle lift, power wheelchair, bath transfer bench and a walker and who wish to list all the items in one ad please consider posting separate ads for each item. Placing separate ads allows us at the South Carolina Assistive Technology Exchange to place each item in its appropriate category; i.e. a wheelchair in Mobility/Seating & Positioning category and the lift in Vehicle Modification & Transportation category. This makes it more likely that your item is quickly found by an interested person (s).

4. If you are unsure of the price you would like ask for an item for sale consider listing the item for "Best Offer" under "listing type" when you set up or write your ad. Consider using the following factors in determining the dollar value of the equipment or item (s) you have:

  • Consider what you actually "spent" on the device/piece of equipment. If the item was paid for by insurance or a 3rd party funding source consider donating it or offering it "for free" to someone who may not be eligible for such device/piece of equipment via their own resources.

  • Consider reviewing ads as posted for similar pieces of equipment/devices already listed on the South Carolina Assistive Technology Exchange site. This can give you a baseline or basis of comparison for how much to ask for yours. From the main page you may select the category of equipment and then do a search for the name of the item to see if there are any matches.

  • Consider contacting 3 retail or commercial providers of your device/piece of equipment to determining or figure an "estimated" average value. The staff at the South Carolina Assistive Technology Exchange would be glad to provide you contact information for local commercial providers or retailers. We may be contacted via email at or by phone at 803-935-5263.